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Three generations of bee keepers

We have a long history of beekeeping within our family, starting in the 1960's. Much has changed on how we manage our bees, but one thing remains the same; our passion for bees has kept growing, along with the number of our beehives!


We have always valued bees important role in our environment and for food production. They are critical for pollinating most of our agricultural crops that feed 90% of the world! If bees disappear, we would lose the plants that they pollinate and the animals that forage on those plants would suffer. 

Bees are fascinating creatures, demonstrating the power of teamwork as they work together building resources for the benefit of the hive. We continue to care and nurture for them, ensuring that they thrive in our area.

Similar to bees, we work tirelessly to build and protect your wealth, so you can reach your financial goals sooner.


Beekeeping: A family affair

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